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David Huffman

David Huffman Law Services is a firm of experienced Social Security Disability and Veterans Affairs (VA) attorneys who provides legal services to disabled individuals in Parkersburg, WV; and elsewhere throughout the U.S. †Our firm primarily focuses on Veterans Affairs and Social Security claims. David Huffman was blinded while in the Marine Corps in Vietnam in 1968. Since his injury David has gained firsthand experience in navigating the Veterans Affairs and Social Security systems while educating himself and at the same time, managing his combat stress through martial arts. His desire to help others navigate this system has brought about this team. Our team works with clients from the beginning of a claim through the entire appeals process. Our Attorneys have a track record of success and experience with Veterans VA and Social Security claims. Veterans with a condition, disease, or disability that was caused or aggravated while serving our country are entitled to compensation from the VA. Our teamís experiences with navigating the system have given us the knowledge to build strong, successful VA claims.†

In addition to assisting Veterans in securing Veterans benefits, David Huffman Law Services helps disabled individuals secure Social Security benefits. Our experience at navigating the Social Security system has given us the knowledge to build strong, successful Social Security claims as well. If youíre looking for a Veterans Affairs or Social Security attorney, contact David Huffman Law Services to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys at 1-800-ADVICE-7 or www.davidhuffmanlawservices.com.