A Tribute to Mike Company 3rd Battalion 7th Regiment 1st Marine Division

Mike Company 3/7, 1st Marine Division was in Vietnam from 7/1/65 to 10/12/70; known as “A Company called Mike” or “Medevac Mike” because of the casualties that Mike Company caused the enemy and received in return.  While in Vietnam, I was assigned to Mike Company from May to September 1968.  I held my own.  On September 29th, 1968 I was blinded in combat and received a Purple Heart.  Since 1990, Mike Company has reunions every year.  Attending these reunions since 1993, I learned that it wasn’t any easier before I arrived with Mike Company in Vietnam; nor did it get any better after I left.  Mike Company was a humbling experience.  I learned the value of life and the sobering experience of death through Mike Company.  I watched Marines around me be more courageous than I could ever imagine.  As the anger and revenge built up within me I was wounded; at the same time as I felt my heart continue to harden against the enemy.  I left Vietnam with a numbness inside of me, but with a motivation I never knew.  I am in awe of all those who have served with Mike Company.  All of what I’ve done since Vietnam is dedicated to them.  They are my motivation.     

For information on the history of Mike Company 3/7 in Vietnam visit www.mike37.org , www.marzone.com , www.2onevet.com, or www.military.com.

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